Automated Enhanced Communications for Live-In Employees

Automated Enhanced Communications for Live-In Employees

Home Health Care companies usually have a difficult time monitoring Live-In aide’s work hours. U.S. Department of Labor regulations make it necessary to know if your Live-In aides were able to get 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night. The Home Care Company needs to know ASAP every morning if all their Live –In aides got the required sleep the prior night! Every Morning!

How can a company possibly stay on top of this? The STARR Portal provides a tool to support this requirement. Our Periodic Starr Questions tool allows you to create a text message that can be sent periodically (daily, weekly, monthly) to any employee. The employee selects a link to see the message (question) and is asked to provide an answer. The tool will resend the message if the employee fails to answer in time.

The employer can select an action based on the answer or a failure to answer. With proper training the Live-In employee will answer the question daily providing documentation of required sleep (no time sheet required). If the answer is a problem, office staff is immediately notified by email with time to resolve the problem. Let Employee Support Services show you how to use this tool to eliminate the substantial financial risks associated with Live-In care.


E.g., Employer's Question: Did you get an Uninterrupted 5 hour Sleep Break last night?

Employee answer:

Yes: No action taken!

No: Office staff notified immediately

No answer: Text is resent

No answer to 2nd text Office notified immediately


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