Document Delivery

Document Delivery, Verification and Tracking

Government agencies and legal counsel often require Prompt delivery of Certain Documents (E.g., 401K Safe Harbor, New Paid Sick Leave legislation notice, employee Hand Book with policy updates). Delivery via US Mail can be costly since these documents are typically very large and unless sent with Proof of Delivery service you don't have any Proof of delivery. Emil is generally not acceptable since there is no proof the employee received (could be marked as spam) or opened the email. USPS Proof of Delivery service adds over $3 to each mailing. A typical 401K Safe Harbor plan requires 4 mailing per year to each employee. Typical cost per mailing is $6. This adds $24 per employee per year to your 401K plan. Since using the STARR portal can be used to deliver documents when the employee logs in for monthly training it eliminates any document delivery costs. One more way it STARR pays for itself.

  • Document delivery requirements are easily met with our Document delivery tool.
  • You do not have to pay for postage or Proof of Delivery anymore.
  • Documents are electronically delivered to employees upon login for their required monthly training.
  • Proof of delivery is available via standard reports.

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