Educational Compliance

Educational Compliance

Home Healthcare Accreditation Agencies require employers provide Home Health Aides with 2 hours of In-Service training every year. STARR simplifies this process through on-line training, in-depth tracking of compliance and tools to manage enforcement (i.e., motivating your aides to take the training).

Providing training, tracking compliance and motivating aides to complete In-Service training is challenging. Non-compliance can  result in failure to become accredited or loss of accreditation. The STARR system streamlines this process by having the aides themselves to upload training Certificates of Completion from other employers and allowing them to complete educational credits on-line.

STARR Standard reports provide evidence of training compliance for your accreditation company and it provides automatic communications (warnings) that motivate aides to complete training. (Read more about Accreditation Support)

The on-online educational modules can be customized to suit your business through the revision management tool. You can also create your own in-services by upload your own training media and create questions.

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